NANLINK Brand Story

Nowadays, with the ceaseless innovations in imaging technologies, people have been making relentless efforts to expand the cognitive boundary towards light, shadow, imagination, even the whole world. At the same time, people also have been elevating the presentation of visual content to push for the continuous evolution of the film and television industry.

Lighting has enabled an unique expression of means via light and shadow for filmmaking, whilst the introduction of LED technology greatly reduces the difficulty of controlling lights. For instance, the fast Intensity/CCT/Color adjustments make it possible for multiple lighting effects.

NANGUANG, an expert in both hardware and software manufacturing, intends to combine both to create a controlling approach in line with operation habits and creation needs for the whole industry and every end-users. NANLINK just emerges at this right moment.

NANLINK is a wireless lighting control system targeting image-related practitioners with development orientations of mobilization, wireless, visualization and refinement. The ultimate goal is to give users the best light-controlling experience via intuitive operations.